Schoology (pronounced school-oh-gee) is a digital learning management platform being used by the Maine Adult Education office as an archive for many of the technical assistance materials and professional development resources produced and shared by the state office.

How do I access these materials? 

First determine if you need an account.

I have a Schoology account

Step 1. Log in to your Schoology account.
Step 2. Select Groups or Courses from the top menu bar.
Step 3. To enter a Group or Course you have already signed into, just click on the title from the drop down list.
Step 4. If you are joining a Group or Course for the first time, click Join and enter the corresponding Access Code* when prompted.

I don’t have a Schoology account

Step 1. Create a free Schoology account by going to
Step 2. Choose Sign Up in the top right menu bar of the page.
Step 3. Sign up as an Instructor. This will allow you to create your own courses.
Step 4. Enter the corresponding Access Code* when prompted.
Step 5. Once you have logged in and established your account, go to the Group or Courses at the top of the page and drop down the menu and select the title of the Group or Course that you joined with the corresponding access code you entered.

* It is strongly recommended that you copy and paste the Access Code into the prompted field to avoid errors.

Now you’re ready to join a Group or Course.

Visit our Access Codes page.