Webinar Recordings from the Engaging Young Adults in Learning Course

The New England Adult Education Professional Development Network has a goal to build the capacity of ABE, ASE/college transition and ESOL providers to offer the highest possible quality instruction and related services that enable adult learners to meet their educational and life goals.

In September Maine along with the other New England states had the opportunity to enroll adult education practitioners in a PD strand titled Engaging Young Adults in Learning. This is a hybrid course ( one face to face training, four webinars and an online course) running from September to December. Nine of Maine’s adult educators are enrolled in this course. The webinars from this course have been recorded. To date there are two with two more scheduled in December. I am pleased to be able to post the recordings for you here on the portal. 

Serving Youth:  Program Design and Policy Webinar 9-30-11 with Stephanie Korber 

 recording of the webinar

Stephanie Korber is the Director of Education at the Center for Literacy in Philadelphia, PA. In this role, Stephanie works in a leadership capacity to research and develop educational programming to address the needs of both in-school (ISY) and out-of-school (OSY) youth in the Philadelphia area. Her work has resulted in the development, implementation and expansion of educational programs that serve to improve the reading skills of ISY and OSY so that they may be successful and represents CFL at multiple committee tables working to address the drop-out crisis. In addition, she provides professional development opportunities for CFL and non-CFL educators and program administrators at local and national conferences. www.centerforliteracy.org

Using Social Media to Engage Youth in Learning 10-7-11 with Susan Gaer  recording of the webinar

Susan Gaer has an MA in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University and an MA in English: Emphasison TESL from San Francisco State University. She is on a TESOL standing committee for ProfessionalDevelopment, on the board of CATESOL. She is a frequent presenter at TESOL, CATESOL and CUE (ComputerUsing Educators).Susan has been teaching at Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education since 1994. She has been usingtechnology in Education since 1991 and has developed a project‐based website (http://www.susangaer.com/).She is an avid user of technology and project based learning for beginning level ESL students. In 2003 she wonthe David R Pierce Faculty Technology Award and received the Sadae Iwataki award from CATESOL in 2006.She has been exploring the use of mobile and collaborative technology in the classroom for the last 2 years,starting with beginning level classes and photo projects to intermediate levels with collaborative writing tools.