Using Video in Teaching and Staff Development

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Part I: The Multi-Dimensions of Staff Development—Using Videos for Instructor PD

Date: July 25 – 29, 2011

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Description: Have you wondered what online options are available to you for staff development that give you an “inside view” of other adult education classrooms? Join us to learn how online video is being used effectively with teachers for staff development, including staff development for ABE, GED, ESOL, and integrating technology into instruction. Discussion List subscribers will also vote on the video they wish to view, then we will experience using video for professional development. Hear from our guests and share your own experiences.



  • Branka Marceta, Project Coordinator, Outreach and Technical Assistance Project (OTAN). Branka is coordinator of technology projects for adult educators, a leadership project with Adult Education Office, California Department of Education.


  • David J. Rosen , President, Newsome Associates. David is the co-founder and President of the Media Library of Teaching Skills (MLoTS) a small organization dedicated to making and hosting a free library of adult education classroom and tutoring videos for professional development.


  • Heide Spruck Wrigley , PhD, President, Literacywork International. Dr. Wrigley has many years of experience in researching approaches that build the language and literacy skills of immigrants not yet proficient in English. She provides professional development and has created many classroom videos for staff development.


  • Marian Thacher , Director, OTAN. Marian has been involved with the development of professional development videos on technology integration with OTAN for 10 years.


Part II: Using Video with Adult Learners

Date: August 15-19, 2011

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Description: Join us to learn how video is being used with adult learners. While this technology has been around for some time, we will explore how the increase in access to the creation, editing, and sharing of videos through cell phone technology and social media sites like YouTube, as well as relatively inexpensive video cameras like the Flip, is making it easier and more fun to include video in instruction. We will also discuss how the use of premade video content is being used in classrooms and at a distance. Tools, techniques, and content discussed will be shared on Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki as an ongoing resource. The ALE Wiki is a social media tool connecting research and professional wisdom in adult literacy education; it is supported by the New Jersey Association for Lifelong Learning.


Guests: To be announced.




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