Transition Theory in Career Advising Seminar Notice

Transition Theory in Career Advising

10 contact hours (CCE approved)

$250 (Peak-Careers Alumni take $50 off)

Seminar begins Saturday November 25 and ends Sunday December 23

 Weekly discussions open on each Saturday based upon articles and text, post and discuss online when convenient to YOU anytime that week.  

Learn how to integrate Transition Theory into YOUR practice.

Who is this for?  Any professional / para professional who provides career advising or counseling to clients / students.This is an online seminar which focuses on transitions in people’s lives and why some people transition easily and others have difficulty.  Read and discuss how Dr. Nancy Schlossberg’s Career Transition theory applies in your work with clients.  Participants will also read and discuss the work of Dr. William Bridges research on transitions of people and how his work applies to career counseling / advising.   


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