Resources for Adult Books Written Below 8th Grade Level

The Lincs professioanl development discussion list generated lots of resource sharing regarding adult books written below 8th grade level. Here are some of the resources which were shared.

They have stories from level 0,7 – 8.0  They can be printed or the

student can read them on the computer.


If you go to you will find over 5,000 English texts, complete with audio, built-in mouse-over dictionary that can be set to the desired language, sorted by difficulty level, and searchable by various criteria.

All are available for free download, although users to have to register.

Just help yourself.



Women’s Perspectives: A journal of writing by adult learners, can be downloaded —


My life story with breast cancer:



Breast Cancer as I lived it


Prisoners of a hard life (Comic)


Prisoners of the war on drugs (Comic)


Hair tips for sisters


Sisters Together Move More Eat Better, Program Guide


Where there is life, there is hope: Women literacy students and discrimination


Behind Closed Doors…: Stories of Survival


The Magic of Everyday Moments


365/24/7 — Moms on Duty with NO Pay: A Radio Program for International Women’s Day, March 8, 2002,


How to Feel Good: Learning to Relax and Exercise – An Invitation




ProLIteracy has a section in the National Gallery of Writing