OH NO! Did you double-book yourself?

It happens to all of us at some point.  We’re all juggling so many moving parts it’s bound to happen that we overschedule an hour, afternoon, or more.  If you need to make a decision about withdrawing yourself from a course, meeting, or training event, you can now do that from the privacy of your own computer and PD Portal account.  No need to send a sheepish request to your friendly (and sympathetic) PD Coordinator to request withdrawal.

How you ask?  Login to your account on the PD Portal.  Open up your “My Activities” tab.  Under each activity you have registered for is the phrase “I can’t make it to this activity…” Click on that phrase and it will take you to a new window asking that you confirm or cancel your withdrawal.  Choose your decision and it’s done.  Phew, crisis averted…and no one is the wiser.