New Adult College Completion Toolkit

 The Adult College Completion Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to connect state administrators and local practitioners to the strategies, resources, and technical assistance tools resulting from the Department’s work in the area of adult education. The tool kit focuses on three key areas: access, quality, and completion. Four target student populations include veterans, adult basic education students, incarcerated individuals, and skilled immigrants.

 The Adult College Completion Tool Kit was developed by OVAE to help policymakers at the state and local level implement practical evidence-based solutions that increase the number of graduates who earn high-quality degrees and certificates required to compete for good jobs in the 21st century global economy. College completion is a shared responsibility; this tool kit also provides resources for adult education administrators, teachers, and students. It provides a wealth of resources and tools to help state administrators and local practitioners in this work. The tool kit also outlines strategies to achieve the president’s goal and offers examples of how state and local programs are implementing those strategies.