Mobile Learning Opportunity from NCTN



World Education’s National College Transition Network invites New England adult educators to apply for a pilot project using cell phones.

The project goal is to develop and pilot two apps (for use on standard feature phones and smart phones) that accelerate learning of academic and health career related vocabulary and concepts for adults preparing to enter postsecondary education and technical training. Details

Why mobile learning?

 Mobile learning applications…

  • increase time on task outside of the classroom, which adds to the limited hours of instruction that typical adult education programs can offer.
  • enable busy adult learners, who typically juggle work, family, and school responsibilities, to use spare moments of down time at home, work or on the go to study.
  • provide instant feedback to learners and prod them to try again.
  • deliver content in small increments that are manageable for busy adults, and that can create a sense of accomplishment, which can boost persistence.
  • allow students to take greater responsibility for the learning process.
  • enable teachers to gather and analyze student performance data in a timely and efficient way that allows for them to adjust and customize teaching based on what individual students need, e.g. more practice or more challenge.

A stipend of $1500 is being offered. The call for participation is currently available. If you are interested, please get approval from your supervisor to participate. Then, fill out and submit the application form. Any questions, please contact

 To be considered, applicants must be current paid individual or institutional members of NCTN. Please visit our membership page for more information.