LINCS PD List serve and MATH

The LINCS Current PD Discussion has a great math thread going.

Here’s a current posting by our own Lisa Roberston from the Windham program. She has included a few resource links.

I encourage you to check out the discussions. Here’s Lisa’s recent posting to the discussion.

“Hi all,

Love the math discussion.  We also have a math lab format.  We are trying out individualizing instruction using the web.  We’ve been creating different learning paths and the learner can go at their own pace – in class with instructor help or at home.  Please feel free to checkout our math lab website: .  The main reason I’m chiming in here is that I just discovered a cool site that incorporates Khan Academy videos into a broader lesson.  It is called TenMarks at .  Customizable to each learner, FREE (although there is a paid version), data tracking.  It is similar to except that it includes hints and video tutorials.”        

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