CCR Instructional Shifts Webinar Recordings

NELRC offered a series of free webinars related to the instructionsl shifts which will be crucial to the implementaion of the College and Career Readiness standards. These webinars were held between February 5th and April 1st. Here are the links to the recordings.

The Math Instructional Shifts

Webinar 1: Focus and Coherence 

 Math Instructional Shifts:Focus and Coherence          

Webinar 2: Rigor                            

Math Instructional Shifts: Rigor


The ELA Instructional Shifts

Webinar 1: Addressing the Shifts with Emergent Readers & Writers          

 ELA Instructional Shifts Part I

Webinar 2: Addressing the Shifts with High Level Readers & Writers         

ELA Instructional Shifts Part II 

You can also access these recording on the NELRC Website.