Attention NCTN Conference 2012 Attendees!

If you are attending the National College Transition Conference in November don’t miss the Designing Career Focused Basic Skills Instruction presentation at the Pre-Conference Wednesday Nov. 7th. Four Maine adult education instructors joined by other New England course completers will be sharing the contextualized courses they have designed while participating in the four month Designing Career Focused Basic Skills Instruction Course. If you miss this presentation…….not to worry! The Maine participants will be speaking about their work and sharing their knowledge at a Maine professional development event this year.

This course introduced educators to sector-focused curriculum and program design strategies that develop adult learners’ academic competencies and professional awareness in preparation for post-secondary education. Recent research suggests that contextualizing basic skills and literacy instruction is an effective instructional approach. 1

 This course was taught by faculty from LaGuardia College’s GED Bridge program and offered in partnership with the National College Transition Network and the New England Literacy Resource Center/World Education.

 1 Perin, Delores (2011)