All New LINCS Communities of Practice!

Literacy Information Communication System (LINCS) The LINCS discussion lists- a long-standing, free national PD opportunity changed and moved to the LINCS Community on October 1st.

A key new feature of the site is the online communities of practice. The communities replace the  discussion listservs, originally hosted by the National Institute for Literacy. The online communities  host topic-based discussions, offering practitioners a means of real-time peer support as well as access to subject-matter experts and close alignment to the Resource Collection on LINCS.

The topics are:

Adult English Language Learners                                       Formative Assessment

Career Pathways                                                                   Health Literacy

College and Career Standards                                            Math and Numeracy

Correctional Education                                                          Postsecondary Completion

Disabilities in Adult Education                                              Program Management

Diversity and Literacy                                                           Science

Evidence-based Professional Development                         Technology and Learning      

Financial Literacy

Tom Nash our COABE representative asks “What are some hot issues that you are facing in your program, state or region?  Would you like to share on this COABE Regional List what some of those issues are that you’re facing and others can chime in to assist? Maybe some of the groups listed above in the LINCS Community will address your issues? Check it out and see if there is a group in the LINCS Community that may help in dealing with them. Already, there are 1,586 users registered in the LINCS Community. Please register, select the groups that interest you, and invite your colleagues to join you in the community. See you online!”

Click here to register for the new LINCS Communitym, an interactive online professional learning community for adult education practitioners today:

To get started, complete your user profile so other members of the community are able to get to know you and what you do. Please include a picture – it’s so nice to put a face with a name.

Here’s how to edit your LINCS Community profile:

   1. Log in to the community at:

   2. Click on your username (hyperlink) in the top right corner of the page.

   3. Click on the profile tab on the next screen.

   4. Follow the link to change your profile information (under personal information tab) and upload a picture (under account tab).

After completing your profile, you are ready to begin exploring the community. Check out the Groups tab to view the groups you can join—simply select the ‘Join’ button to join one or more groups that interest you. Then start engaging with your peers across the country by starting a new discussion or participating in an ongoing one!

The About tab has plenty of information to help you, including:

   • The community’s leadership structure;

   • Users’ frequently asked questions;

   • Tips for making the most of your time;

   • The User Code of Conduct;

and more!

If you don’t see an answer to your question or if you have a concern, please contact Michelle Carson, Community Manager at