Access Codes

Joining a Schoology Group
– Groups are casual, un-moderated collections of topic specific materials.  Groups can be used to connect with colleagues, collaborate, share materials, and more. The two primary methods the State Office uses Groups is:

  1. To archive technical assistance resources such as webinar recordings, transcripts of recordings, handouts or briefs;
  2. For discussion among Group participants. Not all Group discussions are moderated.

Each Group opens up to a discussion board where the creator of the Group has provided a welcome message. Resources and materials are located in the Resources folder accessible in the menu on the left side of your screen.

Please note that participation in a Group does not afford you CEHs unless it has been explicitly outlined in a Group invitation.

Current Public Groups and Corresponding Access Codes
Copy and paste just the 10 digit alpha numeric code, in bold below next to the Group name, into the field prompted when using the Join > Group feature in your Schoology account.  Remember! It is strongly recommended that you copy and paste the Access Code into the prompted field to avoid errors.

    • This Group contains all the materials and steps for getting your program set up with computer based CASAS testing.
  • State Office Technical Assistance: 33HCF-SMR4W
    • This Group contains a wealth of information from technical assistance webinars on a variety of topics including new WIOA legislation, AEFLA competition, IET, Career Pathway planning, and more.
  • Now Open!  Career Infused Resources Group:  3HFG9-55M59 This Group contains all of the resources curated by your colleagues through participation in the Career Infused Adult Education Course led by Dr. Lennox McLendon.

Looking to join a Course?
In this context, Courses are the structure for an online unit of study on a specific topic and led by an instructor/facilitator. Courses are generally used for professional development topics such as instructional practice or unpacking the standards, and not for technical assistance.

Access codes to Courses will only be made available to those individuals who register for a Professional Development Course through the Maine PD Portal.  CEHs are awarded to those who participate and complete course activities.

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