Welcome to the Maine PD Portal!

The PD Portal is your place to find, register for, and track professional development workshops and other offerings. With this site, you can more easily find available offerings, manage your online transcript, and even access online courses.

Find Available Offerings

  • Use the PD Portal website to search for (or browse) a wide variety of CEH offerings from across the state of Maine.
  • You can search by name or location, and sort results by price, distance, and even map view.
  • You can register for offerings directly online, and even pay securely online if the offerings have a fee.

Manage Your Online Transcript

  • The PD Portal is the single, easiest place to view and manage your entire professional development transcript. You can login to your PD Account and access your online transcript anytime.
  • When you complete a course you registered for on the PD Portal, we update your online transcript to include those earned CEHs.
  • If you have earned CEHs that were not listed on the PD Portal, they can still be added to your online transcript. Just contact us to request these “outside credits” and they will be added to your online transcript.
  • If you previously had an online transcript using the old CALL (Center for Adult Learning & Literacy) system, we can import those old credits into your new online transcript. Just login to your PD Account to learn more about having those old credits automatically imported for you.

Access Online Courses

  • The PD Portal will also feature online courses in addition to the standard “offline” offerings available.
  • When you register for an online course, you can simply login to your PD Account and click “Access Course” to begin.
  • Online courses can be taken on your own schedule; only a computer and internet connection are required to connect.

The PD Portal is designed to help you more easily find professional development offerings and manage your transcript. We plan to continue adding functionality as the site evolves – if you have any comments or feedback about the site, please do let us know!